Another 48 Hour Film Project.  Here’s “Quietus”, made on the weekend of May 2-4, 2014:

The required elements: Silent movie, an event planner named Sam or Samuel Canterbury, an envelope, the line “You can trust me.”

I directed, but I had a large cast and crew of talented people.  Watch the movie, see the credits, applaud all the fine efforts by everyone.

I think it’s the best movie I’ve made yet.  That’s in part due to the fact that I am getting better at visual story-telling, and in part due to the efforts of that wonderful cast and crew. It made a huge difference having help – this is a far cry from what we had for “Shutdown,” in which we had a cast of two and a crew of three.  What a relief that I didn’t have to do camera work (only two of the shots in the final were mine).  What a relief that I had an assistant director keeping track of things.  What a joy to have a terrific combat coordinator, wonderful help with sound and editing, people stepping up to provide everything from graphic designs to fake blood.

I should note: the above is not the competition cut.  I spent some more time in the subsequent week editing stuff, so this is the director’s cut.