Can’t believe I haven’t added this here.  Anyway, this is a couple months old now, but back in November I participated in the National Film Challenge.  In this, we made a movie in three days, including writing the script, doing all the filming, and doing the editing.  This was the entry of the team I was on, Discordian Films.  I directed and edited, and a bunch of other talented people helped.  Here’s the credits:

Top Dog


  • Sam David
  • Amy Davis
  • Kate Smith-Morse


  • Director and editor: Me
  • Producer and camera work: Mikki Barry
  • Assistant Directors: Carol Calhoun and Covert Beach
  • Written by: Amy Davis
  • Story by: Mikki Barry, Carol Calhoun, Sam David, Amy Davis, me, Joe Kubinski, Marcia Litt, Kate Smith-Morse
  • Production design and camera and sound operations: Julie Dzikiewicz
  • Sound operator: Chris Horn
  • Props: Kate Smith-Morse
  • Dog Wrangler: Wes Worrell
  • Dog training consulting: Ellen Engel, Marc Shepanek

And here’s the movie!