Happy Place

Sometimes a prison is the only escape.  Discordian Films’s entry to the 2020 World Film Challenge.

About the film

Fantasy.  A wrapped present.  A guidance counselor.  “He told me what to say.”  All part of the World Film Challenge, to which we were invited for winning Baltimore’s 48 Hour Film Project.



The Prisoner Jaki Demarest
Rianna Calvert Lorraine Bouchard
The Goons and Torturers Alison Hadley
Ryan Puplis
Paul Zimmermann
The Family Mikki Barry
David Bartell
Leslie Danneberger
Alan J. Duda
William L. Hadley
Karen M. Reese
Kathryn Wanschura
Genise White


Director Joe Dzikiewicz
Producer Mikki Barry
Cinematographer Lori Olson
Screenwriter Jaki Demarest
Editors Tracey Palmer Wood
Joe Dzikiewicz
Sound Design and Editing Eric Honour
Art Director Julie Dzikiewicz
Gaffer Seain Gutridge
Assistant Director Paul Zimmermann
Assistant Producers Covert Beach
Tracey Wood
Sound Recordist Kate Williams
Alison Hadley
Camera Crew Jeff Poretsky
Ryan Puplis
Title and Credits Betsy R. Marks
Script Supervisor Ken Raymond
Clapper Board Stephen Duda
Story Contributions Diana Dzikiewicz
David Motheral
Diane Williams