It’s not easy being the Top Dog. Just ask Bernice.

Made for the 2013 National Film Challenge where it won the award for Best Dark Comedy.

A Discordian Films production.

About the film

It was fall of 2013 and Mikki Barry contacted Joe.  There’s this thing called the National Film Challenge.  It’s an offshoot of the 48 Hour Film Project, only this time you get a whole 3 days to make a film.  Want to do it?

Sounds like fun, said Joe.  But I’d like to direct.

Sure, said Mikki, and it was on.

We gathered at Mikki’s house on Friday evening, brainstormed, and did all the filming there on Saturday and Sunday.  Joe skipped out of work for a day to do the editing and got the film in with half an hour to spare.

The assignment was:

  • Make a dark comedy
  • With Carrie or Carl Leffler, Dog Trainer
  • Including earplugs
  • Having the line “We can’t all be perfect.”




Nikki Sam David
Carrie Amy Davis
Bernice Kate Smith-Morse


Director Joe Dzikewicz
Producer Mikki Barry
Assistant Director Carol Calhoun
  Covert Beach
Written by Amy Davis
Story by Discordian Films
Production design Julie Dzikiewicz
Sound operator Chris Hom
Props Kate Smith-Morse
Dog wrangler Wes Worrell
Training consultants Ellen Engel
  Marc Shepanek
Dogs Jepp