Because habeas corpus means “Deliver the body.”

Made for the 2015 Washington DC 48 Hour Film Project.

About the film

This is the entry of Discordian Films in the 2015 Washington, DC, 48 Hour Film Project.

The assignment was:

  • Make a romance
  • With Brent or Bridget Davenport, Runner Up
  • Including a picture of a relative
  • With the line “Let me see what I can do.”



Hardesty Amy Davis
Nick Leo Rogstad
Bridget Davenport Diana Dzikiewicz
Minerva Savoy Mikki Barry
Coburn Joe Dzikiewicz
Cousin Eustace Covert Beach
Bugold the Parrot Himself
The Cat Vlad Dzikiewicz


Director Joe Dzikiewicz
Producer Mikki Barry
Assistant Director Jacob Smith
Deputy Assistant Director Kate Williams
Screenwriter Diana Dzikiewicz
Director of Photography Lori Olson
Still Photography Karen Fletcher
Jacob Smith
Assistant Camera Julia Dzikiewicz
Kate Dzikiewicz
Edited By Joe Dzikiewicz
Lori Olson
Eric Honour
Sound Wizard Eric Honour
Lighting Geniuses Jacob Smith
Karen Fletcher
Seain Gutridge
Eric Honour
Composer Evan Samek
Cat Photographer Kate Dzikiewicz
Opening Credits Karen Fletcher
Closing Credit Design Lori Olson
Set Wrangler Seain Gutridge
Craft Services Director Lynnette Farrell
Craft Services Minions Marcia Litt
Seain Gutridge
Samantha Carr
Annette Carr
Animal Trainer and Handler Wes Worrell
Other Valued Minions Damia Torhagen
Marcia Litt
Covert Beach