Sometimes the artist is her own worst critic.

Filmed in the summer of 2014, edited over the subsequent year.

About the film

About a year into making films, Joe realized that one of his biggest challenges was learning how to tell a story visually.  He and the rest of CotA had lots of experience in theater, where the word rules the day.  And the early CotA films tended to be strong on verbal.

So Joe decided to try to make a silent movie.  He came up with an idea, one that also made a statement about creation and art, something near and dear to his heart.  “The Critic” was the result.

Ironically, about a month after starting pre-production, Discordian Films drew “Silent Movie” as genre for the DC 2014 48 Hour Film Project.  So Joe ended up directing two silent movies that year, “The Critic” and “Quietus.”





Amy Davis
Donald R. Cook
Caitlin Williams
Casey Bonanno
Vlad the Cat
Smudge the Cat


Joe Dzikiewicz Director, producer, writer, editor
Jacob Smith Assistant director
Kate Williams Director of Photography
Julie Dzikiewicz Production designer, associate producer, assistant editor
Eric Honour Music composer and performer
Kate Dzikiewicz Props assistant
Laura Bruce Paintings by