Discordian does zombies! Discordian Film’s entry into the 2017 DC 48 Hour Film Horror Project.

About the film

It’s a horror movie, all about zombies. And because it’s by Joe, it has a secret political message.




  • Damia Torhagen
  • William Hadley
  • Paul Zimmermann
  • Covert Beach
  • Anita Colvard
  • Alison Hadley
  • Casey Bonanno
  • Gillian Lucero
  • Bryan Hadley
  • Diane Williams
  • Karen M. Reese
  • Chris Hom
  • Yvonne Paretsky


Director Joe Dzikiewicz
Producer Mikki Barry
Director of Photography Lori Olson
Screenwriter Diane Williams
Editors Joe Dzikiewicz
Sound Editor Eric Honour
Assistant Director Paul Zimmermann
Assistant Producer Covert Beach
Sound Engineers Casey Bonanno
Chris Hom
Lighting Seain Gutridge
Makeup Damia Torhagen
Casey Bonanno
Julie Dzikiewicz
Blood girl Julie Dzikiewicz
Craft services Laura Hadley
Thanks to Wes Worrell