When a pilot comes home after a tough day at work, the secret of her day lies behind the Elephant Lock.

Crimes of the Art’s entry into the 2024 Washington, DC, 48 Hour Film Project.

About the film

Horror. An airline employee. A lock. “I’m not mad. I’m just disappointed.”

And we were off and running!



Margarite Wilkins Renae Rhoads
Susan Collins Katie Wanschura
Caspar William L. Hadley
Ghost 1 Alexandra Hewett
Ghost Too Karen M. Reese
Paul Zimmermann
Alison Hadley
Joe Dzikiewicz


Unit 1 Director Joe Dzikiewicz
Unit 2 Director Bruce Glassco
Producer Mikki Barry
Cinematographer Jeff Poretsky
Art Director Julie Dzikiewicz
Assistant Director Paul Zimmermann
Script By Joe Dzikiewicz
Bruce Glassco
Sound Recordist Alison Hadley
Gaffer Seain Gutridge
Editor Joe Dzikiewicz
Second Assistant Director Jay Henry
Boom and Camera Operator Kody Wolf
Production Assistants Karen M. Reese
Shannon Dani Page
David Poretsky