They say her cell is haunted, but with what? Discordian Film’s entry into the 2018 DC 48 Hour Film Project.

About the film

We got to film a 48 in a real prison. This was the result.




Nugget Carolani Bartell
Tina “Chef” Gilmartin Sarah Hensley
Lucy Damia Torhagen
Slash Alison Hadley
Bear Karen Fletcher
Twinks Mikki Barry
Frank Bryan Hadley
Elmer William Hadley
Prisoner Karen Reese
Guard in Tower Fode Amadou Benjamin Traore
Guard Covert J. Beach
Paul Zimmermann


Director Joe Dzikiewicz
Producer Mikki Barry
Assistant Director Paul Zimmermann
Assistant Producer Covert J. Beach
Director of Photography Lori Olson
Art Director Julie Dzikiewicz
Camera Operator Eric Honour
Continuity Director Damia Torhagen
Lighting Lori Olson
Editor David Bartell
Sound Eric Honour
Paul Zimmermann
Patrick Nielsen
Assistant Video Editor Lyle Reger
Tracey Wood
Mikki Barry
Original Music Carolani Bartell
Lyle Reger
Screenwriter Joe Dzikiewicz
Story by Diana Dzikiewicz
Boom Operator Paul Zimmermann
Patrick Nielsen
Fight Choreographer Mikki Barry
Production Assistants Karen Reese
Patrick Nielsen
Paul Zimmermann
Graphics Karen Fletcher
Props Julie Dzikiewicz
Karen Fletcher