What if a family dealt with its problems just like Congress?

About the film

It was fall of 2013 and Joe and Amy had been talking for several months about making a movie.  And been studying how to do so.  And even had written some scripts, though they all seemed a bit too challenging for a first film.  So all in all, it was time to decide whether we were just going to talk about making movies or whether we were actually going to make one.

We decided on the latter course.  So Joe set out to write a script that would be easy to make.  Two actors, one set, simple enough that it could all be shot in one day.  This was during the government shutdown, so a theme immediately leant itself.

Joe wrote the script.  Amy got together some actors and handled the directing.  Julie got dragged in to help.  We shot it all in one day in Joe’s kitchen, and Joe and Amy got together the next day to do the rough cut.  “Shutdown” was done a week later, and we were no longer just wannabe filmmakers – we had finished our first film.  It felt good!




Donald R. Cook Him
Caitlin Williams Her


Amy Davis Director and producer
Joe Dzikiewicz Writer, cinematographer, editor
Julie Dzikiewicz Camera and sound operator