Polly would do anything for a little peace and quiet. Anything.

Made for the 2014 Washington 48 Hour Film Project.

A Discordian Films production.

About the film

“Quietus” was Discordian Film’s entry in the 2014 Washington 48 Hour Film Project.  The assignment was:

  • A silent movie
  • With Sam or Samuel Canterbury, event planner
  • Including an envelope
  • Having the line “You can trust me.”

The great joy of this film was having a full cast and crew.  We were able to make a movie with ten actors and a crew big enough that we had plenty of help doing everything.  What a pleasure!

This is not the version we entered into the competition.  This includes the results of another week spent polishing the edit.




Amy Davis Polly Watson
Mikki Barry Sam Canterbury
Carol Calhoun Solitaire co-worker
Sam David Chatty co-worker
Katelyn Denise Friendly co-worker
Diana Dzikiewicz Drowned co-worker
Karen Fletcher Last standing co-worker
Eric Honour Dancing co-worker
Joel Lorenzetti Builder
Moira Parham Walking co-worker
Sharon Terrill Secretary


Joe Dzikiewicz Director
Mikki Barry Producer
Jacob Smith Assistant director
Kate Williams Director of photography
Kyle Judd Photographic assistant
Julie Dzikiewicz Photographic assistant
Mikki Barry Photographic assistant
Joe Dzikiewicz Video editor
Julie Dzikiewicz Assistant video editor
Mikki Barry Assistant video editor
Eric Honour Sound editor
Karen Fletcher Graphic designer
Diana Dzikiewicz Script writer
Katelyn Denise Music
Eric Honour Sound
Kyle Judd Sound assistant
Katelyn Denise Combat coordinator
Covert Beach Minion
Jen Beasley Minion
Janet F. Morton Minion
Karen Reese Minion
Sharon Terrill Minion
Story by Discordian films
Catering Sam David
  Julie Dzikiewicz
  Seain Gutridge
  Chris Hom

Special thanks to

  • UberOffices
  • Barry Law Firm