A silent film about a woman with an eating disorder. Reeling Monarchs’ entry into the 2016 Baltimore 48 Hour Film Project.

About the film

When several Discordians were unable to do the Baltimore 48 Hour Film Project, some team members decided to strike out on their own under the name Reeling Monarchs. They did a terrific job, and we’re happy to welcome a new filmmaking group to the world.




Jennifer Also Sarah
Best Friend Julia Meyers
Female Neighbor Genise White
Male Neighbor Sunil Saxena
Dot Benway Nicole Mullins-Teasley
Best Friend’s Daughter Carolani Bartell


Producer Brittney Irby
Director Kate Williams
Assistant Director Sara Bieker
2nd Assistant Director Brittney Irby
Screenwriter Sara Bieker
Story by Also Sarah
Sara Bieker
Kate Williams
Jaclyn O’Laughlin
Brittney Irby
Director of Photography Jaclyn O’Laughlin
Editor Joe Dzikiewicz
Music Jaclyn O’Laughlin
Script Supervisor Genise White
Gaffer Seain Gutidge
Graphic Design Nicole Mullins-Teasley
Props Coordinator David Motheral
Production Assistant Dana Kafri
Creative Contributors David Bartell
Megan Jeffery
Global Telecom Expert Paul Sulsky