A political newcomer has his first presidential debate. Discordian Film’s entry into the 2016 DC 48 Hour Film Politics and Comedy Project.

About the film

The nice folks from the DC 48 Hour Film Project celebrated the insane 2016 election with another political comedy festival. Joe’s always up for political satire, and a bunch of other Discordians were too.




Miranda Pegg Elizabeth Gmaz
Conrad J. Bugold Boo Gold Macaw
Madison Joliette Kate Williams
Henry McCrory Paul Zimmermann
Rema Applegate Mikki Barry
Ma Genise R. White
Pa David Motheral
Millenial Morgan Baumann


Director Joe Dzikiewicz
Producer Mikki Barry
Assistant Director Kate Williams
Director of Photography Brittney Irby
Screenwriter Joe Dzikiewicz
Editors Joe Dzikiewicz
Mikki Barry
Graphic Design Mikki Barry
Sound Genise R. White
Paul Zimmermann
Lighting Brittney Irby
Paul Zimmermann