The film that answers the age-old question: Musical or Western? Discordian Film’s entry into the 2015 Baltimore 48 Hour Film Project.

When an avant-garde director is forced to consult with a blockbuster audience, the result isn’t what anyone might expect.

About the film

It’s all Mikki’s fault.

We had so much fun making “The Interrogation” for the DC 48 Hour Film Project that Mikki decided we should do another one.  At the Rude Mechanicals 15th Anniversary Party, she managed to talk Joe into doing Baltimore’s 48HFP.  In true western style, we put together our team of heroes: we got some old team members, added a few new ones, and made this film.

The genre: Musical or Western (and boy, weren’t we scared when we heard that!)

The elements: Q. Treller, member of a secret society.  The line “Sometimes the best answer is no answer.”  The prop: a roll of tape.




Rex Leo Rogstad
Simone Amy Davis
Clara Diana Dzikiewicz
Frank Seain Gutridge
Q. Treller Covert Beach
Darlene Elizabeth Gmaz
Bartender/Woman 4 Jaki Demarest
Woman 1 Karen Reese
Woman 2 Kerry Leonard
Woman 3 Mikki Barry
Dancer/Singer Paul Zimmermann
Roman Jesse Watters
Voice Actor Lynnette Farrell
Snake Jormy


Director Joe Dzikiewicz
Producer Mikki Barry
Assistant Director Kate Williams
Director of Photography Lori Olson
Screenwriter Diana Dzikiewicz
Songs by Diana Dzikiewicz
Editors Joe Dzikiewicz
  Lori Olson
Sound/Clapper Julie Dzikiewicz
Clapper Kate Dzikiewicz
Boom operator Paul Zimmermann
Gaffers Seain Gutridge
  Lori Olson
Musical director Diana Dzikiewicz
Choreographer Elizabeth Gmaz
Production assistant Jaki Demarest
Craft services director Lynnette Farrell
Craft services minions Sammy Carr
  Seain Gutridge
Snake wrangler Kate Dzikiewicz