Sometime moving day is the day for moving on. Discordian Film’s entry into the 2017 DC 48 Hour Film Project.

About the film

Discordian Films pulls off another one. For this one, the elements were:

  • Romance
  • Paul or Paula Franciosa, activist
  • Bubble wrap
  • “Sorry, the answer is no.”



Maggie Diana Dzikiewicz
Russ Eric Honour
Heather Casey Bonanno
Paula Franciosa Anna MacNiven
Ghost Alison Hadley
Dirk Patrick T. Nielsen


Director Joe Dzikiewicz
Producer Mikki Barry
Assistant Director Paul Zimmermann
Assistant Producer Covert Beach
Director of Photography Lori Olson
Screenwriter Diana Dzikiewicz
Composer Eric Honour
Editors Joe Dzikiewicz
Mikki Barry
Eric Honour
Sound Engineer Eric Honour
Casey Bonanno
Production Assistant Ken Brown
Alison Hadley
Anna MacNiven
Patrick T. Nielsen
Zea Bonanno
Craft Services Goddess Julie Dzikiewicz