Beware, the moths are coming! Crimes of the Art’s entry into the 2023 Washington, DC, 48 Hour Film Project.

About the film

Climate film. A frisbee. “C’mon, let’s brainstorm!” Leon Kane, restaurant critic. This one tied for best use of prop AND best use of line!



Alma Damia Torhagen
Frieda Jaki Demarest
Dan Rick Jermain
Leon William L. Hadley
With Megan Poretsky
Mikki Barry
Marcia Litt
Paul Zimmermann


Director, Screenwriter, Editor Joe Dzikiewicz
Producer Mikki Barry
Cinematographer Jeff Poretsky
Art Director Julie Dzikiewicz
Assistant Director Paul Zimmermann
Sound Recordist Rick Jermain
Second unit director Megan Poretsky
Second assistant director Alison Hadley
Assistant producer Covert Beach
Craft services Karen M. Reese
Gaffer Seain Gutridge
Production assistants Chris Hom
Marcia Litt
Katie Wanschura
Bug wrangler Julie Dzikiewicz
Animal wrangler Wes Worrell
Blood wrangler Damia Torhagen
Story contributions by Mikki Barry
Jaki Demarest
Alan Duda
Julie Dzikiewicz
Seain Gutridge
Alison Hadley
William L. Hadley
Chris Hom
Rick Jermain
Marcia Litt
Karen M. Reese
Katie Wanschura
Paul Zimmermann