What happens when what’s on a politician’s head is more important than what’s in it? Discordian Film’s entry into the 2015 DC 48 Hour Film Politics and Comedy Project.

About the film

The nice folks from the DC 48 Hour Film Project decided to hold a special competition in 2015 that would be all about political and comic films. Joe loves making political and comic films (his first short was a political comedy), so this was a natural. Happily, many of the other Discordian’s agreed, and this short was the result.




Jessica Pidgeon Carolani Bartell
Lorraine Byrd McCoy Jaki Demarest
Crystal Gaffney Kerry Leonard
Norman Bartlett David Bartell
Beaufort Jones Seain V. Gutridge
Political Intern Casey Bonanno
Q Treller Covert Beach
Hat Throwing Candidate Paul Zimmermann
Announcer Mikki Barry


Director Joe Dzikiewicz
Producer Mikki Barry
Director of Photography Joe Dzikiewicz
Screenwriter Diana Dzikiewicz
Editors Joe Dzikiewicz
Mikki Barry
Sound Editor Eric Honour
Graphic Design Jaki Demarest
Mikki Barry
Boom Operator Paul Zimmermann
Sound Engineers Casey Bonanno
Chris Hom
Jaki Demarest
Lighting David Bartell
Paul Zimmermann
Seain V. Gutridge
Driver Julie Dzikiewicz
Creative Consultants Betsy Marks Delaney
Chris Hom
Eric Honour
Kate Williams
Wes Worrell
Photographs by Covert Beach