Film Noir the old fashioned way, if old fashioned means the femme fatale has five o’clock shadow.

Made for the 2014 Richmond 48 Hour Film Project where it won the award for Best Use of Character.

About the film

Sometime in early summer, 2014, Joe decided it would be fun to make a 48 Hour Film Project film by himself.  And by himself, of course, he meant with Julie’s help.  It was almost a year before either Washington or Baltimore’s competitions, but on looking at the 48HFP website, Joe found that Richmond was having a competition in just a few weeks.  So Joe entered.

This may not have been the smartest thing Joe ever did.  It was a crazy weekend, and Joe didn’t sleep at all on Saturday night, staying up for 40 hours straight.  He did a whole lot for the movie – wrote, directed, played nine different parts, and edited.  And Julie helped a great deal, making a key contribution to the brainstorming, doing superb prop work, and setting up several beautiful shots.  And when the dust had settled, they had made a movie.

The assignment was:

  • Make a film noir
  • With Pete or Peggy Wiltz, Architect
  • Including flowers
  • With the line “You haven’t got a clue, do you.”

This is not the version we entered.  This includes another week’s efforts, mostly editing, some sound work, and reshooting one scene and a couple of pickups.  But the core story is the same, and most of the scenes you see here were shot in that one crazy weekend.



Joe Dzikiewicz Director, writer, editor, DP, and sole actor.
Julie Dzikiewicz Production designer, camera operator.